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Uber’s Jump Will Undertake Lime’s E-Bikes In London

People in London have seen various bikeshare firms come and go, comprising oBike, ofo, and Urbo. When Lime rolled out its e-bikes in December, it appeared like the wave could be modifying. Now, Uber’s Jump will give it a try. As fraction of a pilot project, Uber introduced 350 of its dockless, bright red electric-supported bikes in Islington this week.

Until Lime was launched, most of bikeshare rivals in London were smaller firms. Now that Uber is making an entry in the game, there is one more huge-scale player, and it can vie against Lime in terms of scale and pricing. The new Jump fleet will have a price tag £1 to unlock and £0.12 every minute, with your first 5 Minutes free. Lime’s scooters originally have a price tag of £1 to unlock and an extra £0.15 each minute of usage time. As of December 2018, Lime had 1,000 e-scoters on the capital’s streets—considerably more as compared to Jump has currently. It is not clear how long Uber aims to operate the pilot or when we may see extra red e-bikes roaming around the city.

On a related note, if you thought that Uber’s Jump bike sharing might be sufficiently popular to slash into its mainstream car service, you supposed rightly. Jump earlier disclosed that over 63,000 users in San Francisco have taken more than 625,000 trips since a roll out in 2018 in the city, and that this reputation is impacting car rides in the region. While an initial research in July displayed that bikes were beginning to restore cars, Jump claimed that the trend had “stayed consistent” since then—the more users depended on pedal power, the bigger the drop in car trips. That was specifically factual for peak hours, as per the media reports.


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