US And Luxembourg Signed Agreement For Space Cooperation

Recently, the governments of the U.S. and Luxembourg—which are two of the largest proponents of space commercialization—inked a deal that can lead to better cooperation amid the two nations on a diversity of space initiatives. At an event in Luxembourg, Wilbur Ross (US’ Commerce Secretary) and Etienne Schneider (Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister) inked a MoU (memorandum of understanding) regarding space cooperation. In a statement, the Luxembourg government said that the agreement would “serve as a vehicle to form a more official dialogue, sharing of experts, and swap of information amid the countries.”

The agreement is planned to support cooperation on a broad range of subjects, from scientific research and space exploration to space commerce and space situational awareness. “I do not feel that there is very much at all that is been excluded from this agreement,” Ross stated. Neither Schneider nor Ross asserted what topics will be addressed initially under the deal, but both highlighted their interest in backing the progress of the space sector in their countries. That has been the main concern for the last couple of years in Luxembourg, which initiated the proposal in 2016 to magnetize startups in the rising space resources field, like asteroid mining firms. That proposal has since developed to attract a broad range of industrial space ventures, and headed to the organization of a national space agency and finance to invest in space companies.

Speaking of space cooperation, recently, China and Europe are headed toward further boosting space cooperation. The scientists from China and Europe are planning to further boost space cooperation. The first summit was conducted amid the CMSEO (China Manned Space Engineering Office) and the United Space in Europe inside the ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Center) in the Netherlands. Scientists and representatives from 10 working groups have shared the novel developments on the space cooperation projects amid China and Europe.


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