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US Policymakers Want To Squeeze Visas For Chinese Researchers, Students

A group of US President Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans in Congress has presented legislation aiming to prohibit anyone sponsored or employed by the Chinese military from getting research or student visas to the U.S. The bill will need the U.S. administration to make a list of engineering and scientific institutions affiliated with the Chinese PLA (People’s Liberation Army), and forbid anyone sponsored or employed by those institutions from getting the visas. The bill was submitted since the war amid the U.S. and China has escalated after difficult negotiations in the last week. Trump stated that he will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping in the next month.

It also came as some of the U.S. officials have expressed apprehension on the likelihood of the theft of intellectual property or even spying by Chinese nationals at the U.S. universities and institutes. Several university executives are also warned on overreacting, nevertheless, arguing it is significant to acknowledge the significant role Chinese students and scholars play at the U.S. institutes while being conscious about security risks. The bill was supported by Republicans Senators Chuck Grassley, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, and Marsha Blackburn. A companion bill was presented by Representative Mike Gallagher in the House of Representatives.

On a similar note, recently, it was stated that Trump wanted an immigration system same like Canada. Reportedly, Trump is an avowed fan of Canada’s immigration system and he is allegedly set to review an anticipated plan that functions in related ways. Jared Kushner—Trump’s Adviser and son-in-law—is anticipated to present a new immigration reform bid to the president soon, with an important tenet that it will comprise a “merit-based” model. In January 2018, Trump stated, “I feel we should have immigration system on the basis of merit as they have in Canada and Australia, so we have people visiting with a good track record.”


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