US Spacecraft Likely To Reach ISS After NASA Certification In May 2020

United States has planned to send their first ever US made spacecraft to the international space station instead of Soyuz. Soyuz was made in Russia. After getting certification from NASA, Spacecraft will be sent during May, 2020. NASA has been paying Russia for all the seats and the latter provides seats on the Soyuz spacecraft to US. US’s own space shuttle retired back in 2011. NASA gave a combined contract to Boeing and Space X of $6.8 billion. They were given the responsibility to create crew transportation systems and conduct primary missions to orbiting laboratory which is under Commercial Crew Program.

Someone from aerospace industry told Sputnik that the first spacecraft of U.S for carrying crew to the IIS has been dated for a launch after NASA gives the certification in May 2020. NASA gives the certification for all kinds of spacecraft assuring whether or not they are safe for human flight. Crew Dragon by Space X and Starliner by Boeing were initially thought to have received the certification by 2017. However, due to certain turn down of events, either of those would not be ready till the end of 2019.

Space X has already put Crew Dragon to trial to ISS in an unnamed flight during March. The spacecraft’s first flight with the crew on board has been scheduled on November 15, 2019. NASA astronauts, Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken reached Zvyozdny Gorodok on May 27 to get training for their Demo-2 flight on Crew Dragon.

NASA has planned a trial flight for Starliner in August 2019. Its first flight with crew aboard was decided to hold during August but was postponed to November. In fact, Boeing has also decided to push the date for the first demo crew flight of Starliner to ISS but has not provided any other details.


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