Designers At Volvo Are Driving Around Using Mixed Reality Headsets

A user in Italy was sitting in a Volvo XC60 when a moose comes out of a doorway. Except that none of this exists. The user actually sat in a San Francisco office building in an office chair, using XR-1 mixed-reality device from Varjo. It is a ridiculous scene, but both VR and AR are including a new twist on the process of car design.

Unlike the Magic Leap or Hololens headsets, the XR-1 is fully enclosed similar to a VR system. In the front are 2 cameras that give the outside realm a real-time experience to the user. Varjo claims that it has lowered the latency until it is almost hardly noticeable. Users keep moving their head around and clapping their hands to test the firm’s theory. It is not a good scenario. Yet, the system verifies out and the user sits down in their virtual Volvo that has come to life in the office.

With typical AR and MR systems, the virtual products are never actually opaque. Varjo’s concept to fundamentally show you everything comprising the real world in a VR device lets the firm to project products that almost flawlessly fit into reality. The outcome: A strong-looking Volvo SUV located with a moose in an Italian scene.

On a related note, can MR glasses ever go mainstream? Nreal surely believes so. The firm is launching Light, a pair of “ready-to-use” specs that show immersive games, characters, and videos into your vision field. Precisely at CES, the media utilized the device while it was linked to a clip-on, tiny computing unit named as “Toast.” Now, the company is displaying how the glasses can function with a Snapdragon Qualcomm 855-powered, 5G-enabled phone instead. This indicates, theoretically, that the firm can provide a low-priced Light at roll out that does not need you carrying an extra device in your pocket.


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