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Trump States He Expects To Declare A Trade Deal With Japan Soon

At a news conference, the U.S. President Donald Trump along with Shinzo Abe—Japan’s Prime Minister—in the recent time stated that he expected to publicize a trade deal with Japan soon. President Trump said his aim was to eliminate the trade blockades so as to give the U.S. exports a reasonable footing in Japan. During his press conference, Japan’s Nikkei 225 stock index put its earnings and ended the day higher as buyers interpreted a principally positive atmosphere amid the two leaders. Trump stated the U.S. trade disparity with Japan as “unexpectedly large” but he expected to address that. Trump said, “They are brilliant negotiators and brilliant business people and have placed us in a tough spotlight but I feel we would have a contract with Japan.”

Abe, on his part, stated the two chiefs had settled to speed up two-way trade talks. Earlier, Trump explicitly associated trade and security—a link that disturbs Japan—which places its coalition with the U.S. at the middle of its defense policies. “It is all a balance sheet thing. When I discuss about a safety threat, I discuss regarding a balance sheet,” Trump said, adding that Japan had purchased “tremendous amounts” of the U.S. military gear.

On a similar note, recently, the U.S.-Japan trade talks strike pothole on auto duties. The U.S. and Japan pulled down to a rocky beginning in functioning-level trade talks as Washington pulls back against Tokyo’s demand to remove tariffs on auto parts and cars. Jeffrey Gerrish (Deputy US Trade Representative) led discussions on the American part, meeting with Kazuyoshi Umemoto—Japan’s Top Negotiator for the TPP (Trans Pacific-Partnership)—and Kazuhisa Shibuya (Policy Coordinator). Following the meeting, Shibuya stated that the two sides were still far apart.


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